Alva Industries are developing several high performance electric motors for various UAV classes.

  • ‹ 2.5kgSmall
  • ‹ 25kgMedium
  • ‹ 150kgLarge
  • › 150kgHeavy

The X-Series

The X-series is designed for low weight and exceptional efficiency at nominal operation.

The X-Series features an ironless FiberPrinted™ stator paired with an outer Halbach-arranged PM rotor. This ensures extremely low speed-dependent losses and high torque.



For medium sized UAV´s

‹ 2.5kgSmall
  • 700 gWeight
  • 10 kgCont. Thrust
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For large UAV´s

‹ 150kgLarge
  • 2.8 kgWeight
  • 30 kgCont. Thrust
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In need of a custom solution?

Custom Solutions

Alva Industries offer leading expertise in electric motor and generator design, manufacturing, testing, and production to help you meet your goals.

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The Alva A-series feature a wide range of electric motors and generators with unique characteristics.

  • Alva-products have Fiberprinted™ ironless windings, enabling perfectly smooth rotation with zero cogging torque.

  • Furthermore, all our products employ a permanent magnet rotor for unbeaten torque density and efficiency.


50 - 300 mmDiameter range

16 - 81 mmLength range


80 - 300 mmDiameter range

23 - 81 mmLength range


30 - 80 mmDiameter range

42 - 113 mmLength range