Alva was founded to meet the growing global energy demand with renewable technologies. We develop electric generators for production of clean energy and electric motors to convert this energy into motion. Our aim is to accelerate the world’s transition to green energy by making affordable customized electrical machines available to everyone.

Founded in 2016, Alva’s reputation in the industry has grown alongside an ingenious and patented production technology with proven superiority over conventional alternatives. FiberPrinting™ enables production of low-weight, high-efficiency electric motors and generators for a wide range of applications, reflecting our true purpose. We do not just enhance electric motors and generators. We enhance cars, ships and airplanes, UAVs, medical equipment, robots, satellites, and so much more. We enhance the world.

Our Team

CEO & Founder

Jørgen P. Selnes

  • CALL +47 915 98 175
  • EMAIL › jorgen@alvaindustries.com
  • CMO & Founder

    Knut K. Nielsen

  • CALL +47 924 48 078
  • EMAIL › knut@alvaindustries.com
  • CTO

    Anton Franzén

  • CALL +46 72-184 23 31
  • EMAIL › anton@alvaindustries.com
  • Head of Client Operations

    Vishnu Unnikannan

  • CALL +47 463 88 463
  • EMAIL › vishnu@alvaindustries.com
  • COO & CFO

    Tommy Andersen

  • CALL +47 918 22 374
  • EMAIL › tommy@alvaindustries.com
  • Electrical Engineer

    Kasper Kvinnesland

  • CALL +47 926 08 316
  • EMAIL › kasper@alvaindustries.com
  • Mechanical Engineer

    Lars-Endre Johannessen

  • CALL +47 914 81 699
  • EMAIL › lars@alvaindustries.com
  • R&D Engineer

    Halvard Berge

  • CALL +47 457 64 547
  • EMAIL › halvard@alvaindustries.com
  • R&D Engineer

    Oddvin Østmo

  • CALL +47 473 52 629
  • EMAIL › oddvin@alvaindustries.com
  • Product Developer

    Mikael Vedvik

  • CALL +47 974 25 888
  • EMAIL › mikael@alvaindustries.com
  • Senior Electrical Engineer

    Frode Olsen

  • CALL +47 928 27 017
  • EMAIL › frode@alvaindustries.com
  • Mechanical Engineer

    Are Gausen

  • CALL +47 924 81 671
  • EMAIL › are@alvaindustries.com
  • Supply Chain Manager

    Lene Smistad

  • EMAIL › lene@alvaindustries.com

    Alexey Matveev

  • EMAIL › alexey@alvaindustries.com
  • Administrator

    Bente Rogstad


    Eirik Skare

    Senior Production Engineer

    Anton Antonarulrajah

    Senior Mechanical Engineer

    William Hawkins

    Senior Mechanical Engineer

    Alexander Cordes



    Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

    Development of low-weight, high-efficiency electric motors for large industrial UAV’s.

    Customer benefit: Fly longer and lift more. 


    Standard Portfolio

    A standard portfolio made up of 3 product families; High-torque, High-speed and Compact. Each family targets unique customer requirements and are offered in a variety of sizes and models, so to meet an as broad customer segment as possible within a variety of applications. 


    Small Wind Turbines

    Alva’s generators feature higher efficiency and lower weight than any competing solutions. The FiberPrinting™ technology can be applied to turbines in all power ranges, from kilowatts to megawatts.

    Customer benefit: Reduce cost of energy


    This project has received funding under the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 873397.

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    Alva has received R&D grant financing from Eureka and the European Commission through the Eurostars program under project no. 12408, together with two German partners, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology wbk Institute of Production Science and Helix Carbon GmbH.

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    Alva has received start-up support and research financing from the Research Council of Norway through the FORNY program under project no. 272877 (concluded October 2018) and 296461 (Active).

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    This company has received support from Innovation Norway. The support includes mentorship and coaching services, IPR support, premarket evaluation grant and start-up loan.

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    This company has received a research grant from RFF Mid-Norway  (Regionale Forskningsfond Midt-Norge) under the "Distriktforsk" program. The pre-project was concluded in November 2018. Project no. 282446.

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